Gorfil-Fisher Landscaping specializes mainly in the design and construction of private gardens. The Company was founded by Guy Gorfil and Kfir Fisher, who have been in the field for over seven years. We carry out projects country-wide, with emphasis on efficiency, high standard of service, and attention to detail. Our services include:

* Detailed planning

* Paving and infrastructure

* Erecting fences and gates of wood, metal and glass

* Creating flower-beds and planters from a variety of materials

* Seating areas, intimate corners and nooks

* Fish ponds, waterfalls, fountains and sculptures

* Rockeries, a variety of ground cover, and more

* Tree-surgery, professional felling, pruning and treating sick trees; solving root problems, identifying and removing dangerous branches.

* (Our Tree surgery and Felling Department is supervised by Guy Gorfil, a certified Landscape Designer and Tree Surgeon).

"Before & After" pictures from various projects

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